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On the afternoon of November 17th, Li Song, director and chief financial officer of Jiangtou Investment Group, led relevant personnel of the Financial Management Department, Reform Planning Department, and Coal Business Department to conduct on-site supervision in the float glass factory and Anyuan Pipeline Company on business operations and reforms. , And held a research meeting in Anyuan Pipeline Company. Liu Zhiming, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Pingkuang Group, and Lu Xiang, deputy general manager, accompanied the investigation and participated in the meeting.

In the float glass factory, Li Song and his party followed the production line all the way from the kiln head, tin bath, main control room, and assembly section to the finished product warehouse. They walked and looked and asked to learn more about the glass production process, current output, and market conditions. And the current inventory and other specific conditions. Walking into Anyuan Pipeline Company, Li Song and his entourage successively walked into the production workshop, warehouse, national CNAS laboratory, Chen Jianyun steel-plastic composite pipe manufacturing skills master studio, and inquired about pipe fitting specifications, sales status, independent research and development results and other aspects.

At the subsequent survey meeting, the relevant persons in charge of Pingkuang Group, Float Glass Factory, and Anyuan Pipeline Company successively reported on the current operating status of the company, the progress of the three-year reform actions, and the implementation status, and discussed some key issues. Li Song and his party conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.

After listening to the report, Li Song affirmed the benchmarking management of the float glass factory and the scientific and technological innovation work of Anyuan Pipeline Company. He emphasized that it is necessary to vigorously promote the three-year reform and innovation action to extend to the grassroots level. According to the actual situation, all enterprises should take specific reform and innovation measures in the aspects of account receivable risk management and control, benchmarking management, technological innovation, etc., to reflect the characteristics of each enterprise, and to vigorously promote the implementation, avoid gradual weakening, and let the three reforms and innovations. The action of the year really brought real results.

Li Song requested that an internal control system be established and improved to effectively exert the control effect. Comprehensively sort out the internal control system, check for omissions, and draw inferences from one another; strictly implement various systems, and actively play the role and effect of internal control; give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress, focus on strengthening ideological and political work, conduct regular heart-to-heart talks, and grasp in time Staff thinking dynamics.

Li Song emphasized that it is necessary to effectively strengthen safe production, civilized production, and clean production, and strive to improve production conditions and the environment. There must be no slack or paralysis in safety production. It is necessary to combine management of personnel and affairs, establish a long-term safety management mechanism, comprehensively strengthen on-site management, improve employee safety awareness, and improve the level of civilized production; it is necessary to do a good job in risk identification and investigation of risk points. Establish a ledger, plug loopholes, and ensure the safety and stability of production and operation of the enterprise.

Source: Pingkuang Group

article/Wang Jiani, Picture/Wang Jiani, Li Qing



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