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Anyuan pipeline sales (front, middle and rear) service commitment

Our company adheres to the quality policy of "leading the industry in quality, first-class technical service", and is committed to exerting its own unique advantages in the pipeline field, relying on strong capital and talent strength to closely integrate scientific research in universities. The company carefully declares: if the company If we can cooperate with your company, we will fully and strictly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the contract; provide your company with high-quality products and perfect services, and make the following commitments for organizing supply, transportation and after-sales service:
The company has established a complete marketing network, marketing and professional technical service teams all over the country to ensure that the project provides high-quality full services (ie: pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services). The specific content is as follows:
1. Pre-sale service provides product technical data, design specifications, product standard engineering technical specifications, engineering quantity budget list, and construction organization plan.
2. In-sale services include raw material inspection, process control, transportation and site inspection. During the pipeline installation process, construction equipment is provided, problems in construction are solved, and system test reports are provided. During the construction process, according to the needs of the project schedule, professional and technical personnel will be dispatched to provide on-site guidance and follow-up work. After-sales service includes sending professional "three guarantees" service personnel to provide maintenance equipment and accessories, and feedback and handling of operation problems.
3. Our company promises that the warranty period is one year after the project is completed and accepted, and it will be calculated from the date when all materials are delivered and accepted. During the warranty period, if quality problems occur, our company will repair or replace them for free. If the system is damaged due to Party A’s improper behavior, our company will go all out to assist Party A in solving related problems and doing technical services.
4. The above-mentioned warranty period commitment is calculated from the completion of pipeline installation and the acceptance of pressure test, based on the project completion report signed by the user. For the promise of the above warranty period, the medium and pressure used should not exceed the allowable use range of the steel frame polyethylene plastic composite pipe.
5. Provide technical documents such as relevant pipe standards, construction and acceptance specifications, welding procedures, and installation procedures.
6. Provide technical support and technical consultation all year round to solve technical problems encountered by users when using this product.
7. Provide design, construction plan and on-site technical guidance to assist the construction unit in construction.
8. According to the needs of Party A, installation and construction technical training can be provided.
9. Our company provides users with lifetime maintenance services, receives feedback from users around the clock, and gives written responses.
10. Provide special construction and installation equipment.
11. Strictly follow the after-sales service regulations to ensure that maintenance and emergency repairs are in place; the additions during the construction process shall be prepared and shipped promptly and constructed in accordance with the requirements of users under the strict implementation of the procurement procedures.
12. After receiving the call for repairs, organize emergency repair personnel within 2 hours to rush to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible, and handle special emergency situations. Our company has offices and warehouses in many places, resident sales and technical service personnel, and is equipped with equipment, tools and piping materials and spare parts.
13. Pipeline damage and leakage caused by improper use by users will only be charged for materials during the warranty period; all fees will be charged after the warranty period.
14. For pipeline renovation, only material and labor costs will be charged during the warranty period; all fees will be charged beyond the warranty period.

Long-term after-sales service contact department: marketing department, technical service department
Contact number: 0799-6796868, 0799-6665100 Fax: 0799-6796888



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