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Pingkuang Group quickly implemented the spirit of the Jiangtou Group's ecological and environmental protection inspection mobilization meeting

On September 6, the Provincial Second Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate's Mobilization Meeting for Jiangtou Group's Ecological Environmental Protection Inspectorate was held in Nanchang. The leadership of Pingkuang Group, the main party and government leaders of each production unit and the deputy in charge of environmental protection work, and the relevant persons in charge of the Group's production and environmental protection department were in the Pingkuang branch to listen and watch through video conferences, and immediately held a mobilization meeting to quickly implement Implement the spirit of the meeting and redeploy and reimplement the work of environmental protection inspectors.

The targets of this inspection are mainly the party committee, board of directors and relevant departments of the Jiangtou Group, and they will also sink to their affiliated enterprises. The video conference conveyed and learned Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions, as well as the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the provincial government’s decision-making and deployment of ecological civilization construction and ecological environmental protection, and notified the focus of environmental protection inspection work and overall arrangements , And put forward requirements for good supervision and cooperation, supervision while making changes, and information disclosure.

After the meeting, Pingkuang Group immediately convened a mobilization meeting to quickly implement the spirit of the Jiangtou Group’s ecological environmental protection inspection mobilization meeting, emphasizing that the entire group must improve political positions, attach great importance to the provincial ecological environmental protection inspection work, and take this inspection as an example Opportunity to strengthen the rectification of environmental protection issues, strengthen the daily management of environmental protection, and promote the level of environmental protection work of enterprises to a new level. It is necessary to concentrate on, treat it seriously, arrange special personnel and special classes, go all out to cooperate with the environmental protection inspection work, comprehensively and accurately provide the information required by the inspection team, and objectively and truthfully report the environmental protection status of the enterprise. Companies and factories (mines) should conduct thorough self-inspection and self-correction, comprehensively sort out existing environmental problems, collect relevant information for those who have completed rectification, speed up the progress of rectification, and strengthen the maintenance of daily environmental protection facilities. Maintenance to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the facility. It is necessary to attach great importance to the issues raised by the inspection team, take full account of the issues raised by the inspectors, actively respond to them, work together and implement rectifications earnestly, and earnestly promote the sustainable development of enterprises with high-quality rectifications.

Pingkuang Group emphasized that welcoming the provincial eco-environmental protection inspection is a key task and main task of the group in September this year. The personnel of all units and departments must work hard to implement and rectify in strict accordance with the requirements. We will supervise and reform at the same time, make up for the shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and comprehensively promote the ecological environment management of the enterprise to a higher level.



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