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"The weather is getting cold, I want a thick quilt", "I want a washing machine", "I want rice and oil"... These seemingly ordinary supplies carry the needs of families in need for a better life. look forward to. On the morning of November 19th, Anyuan Pipeline Company launched the "employees’ micro-wishes, I will help you realize them" activity, which turned all the "micro-wishes" into reality.

Li Zhimin, who lives in Qingshan, wrote down the wish of "I hope to get a tablet for my daughter who is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination" in this "Micro Wish" activity. After the company’s party members and cadres learned about this situation, they took the initiative to "claim" and delivered the tablet to Li Zhimin, helping him realize his small wish. The 7-year-old daughter of Liao Qifu, a worker in the production workshop, suffered a comminuted fracture of her right thigh due to an accident. During the hospitalization, her daughter became interested in guitars, so he had a "small wish" to give the guitar to his daughter. "Thank you very much for the organization's care and help. Our family's small wish was fulfilled and I felt the warmth of the company's ‘big family’." Liao Qifu took the guitar and thanked him repeatedly.

It is understood that in this event, the company’s party members and cadres took the initiative to claim in a “one-to-one” precise docking method, and helped 11 needy employees realize their “micro-aspirations”. While realizing poverty alleviation, they also set up party members and cadres. The "heart-to-heart bridge" between the masses. Since the beginning of this year, Anyuan Pipeline Company has taken the learning and education of party history as an opportunity to continuously carry out the practical activities of "I do practical things for employees". "Overweight."

 (text/Li Qing, picture/Li Qing)

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