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Product Details

Product specifications:

number product specifications 90°bend 45°bend straight tee Ordinary electric melting sleeve Rush repair of electric melting sleeve Flat opening electric melting sleeve
1 DN50
2 DN65
3 DN80
4 DN100
5 DN125
6 DN150
7 DN200
8 DN250
9 DN300
10 DN350
11 DN400
12 DN450
13 DN500
14 DN600

Product technology:

The company's steel skeleton plastic composite pipe and pipe have passed the technical standards of gas, industrial and water supply industries steel skeleton polyethylene plastic composite pipe and pipe fittings. After the industry standard has been upgraded, the steel skeleton plastic composite pipe and pipe fittings have experienced the development stage from low and medium pressure grades to low, medium and three pressure grades.

Production mode:

Steel skeleton of polyethylene plastic pipe is based on low carbon steel wire around the weld shape mesh steel skeleton reinforced phase, with good performance of high, medium density polyethylene as the matrix, extrusion and composite sync, on the production line continuous production of double-sided anticorrosion pressure pipeline, the pipeline corrosion, no scaling, smooth and low resistance, insulation and heat-resistant, no wax, wear resistance, creep resistance, flexibility, good stability, light installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, gas, water, mining and other industries.

The production method of steel skeleton polyethylene plastic composite pipe fittings is that the steel skeleton is heated in the mold and then molded by injection molding with high and medium density polyethylene with excellent properties.

Company production of the steel skeleton of polyethylene plastic pipe in today's world leading technology level, the product is relying on the Harbin industrial university to all the intellectual property and the steel framed hdpe pipe fitting, a national invention patents, 4 utility model patents, two patents in the United States, was identified as national key new product and included in the promotion, because of its advanced nature is known as a pipe manufacturing revolution.



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