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The pipe man who sweats and fights on the front line

The weather in "Mobu" continued to be hot, and the hot sun was scorching like a big stove. But in the "steaming and grilling" mode, the logistics department of Anyuan Pipeline Company is not afraid of the heat, silently busy loading and unloading personnel, competing with the scorching sun and high temperature, and interpreting their dedication and responsibility with sweat-stained shots.

Duty diligence in "steamer"

As soon as I entered the factory of Anyuan Pipeline Company, I saw the temporary occupation point ahead. Li Shiping, deputy head of the loading and unloading and transshipment team of the logistics department, and Yu Mianjun, a loading and unloading worker, neatly piled up pipes weighing about 50 kilograms... "These It was just shipped here and passed the'physical examination'." They placed more than 40 different types of pipe fittings in accordance with the required classification codes. The weather at this time was as hot as a "steamer". After more than an hour of hard work, sweat had already soaked the clothes. "The production workshop can't pile up so many pipes. We will transfer the'spot' into the warehouse every day." Yu Mianjun said. The output has greatly increased, which has brought great "baking" inspections to the warehousing of pipes and fittings. Transfer trucks and forklifts go back and forth between various workshops and warehouses. In the "steamer", they still stick to their posts and perform their duties. Conscientious. In order to ensure the quality of in and out of the warehouse, the loading and unloading transfer team also wrapped the iron fences on both sides of the 4 transfer vehicles with sponge, effectively avoiding damage to the appearance of the pipes during the transfer and warehousing process.

Witness the original intention under the scorching sun

The company’s storage yard does not have any shade. At this time, the loading, unloading and transshipment personnel of the logistics department were loading a truck of pipes for export under the scorching sun. The loading task is a bit "tricky". More than 300 12-meter-long DN150 pipes must be put into a self-made container. However, the iron railings around the container cannot be disassembled and assembled, and the truss trucks cannot be used during the loading process and can only rely on manual labor. Three to four transporters worked together to carry about 120 kilograms of pipes, carefully stuffing them into the container one by one, and soon a few people were sweating. When asked if they worked hard, they said that they had been used to it a long time ago, and they said that the beads of sweat on their faces were falling down.

Practicing service under the stars

"It is the mission of the logistics department to do a good job at the vanguard of service, and to cooperate fully with marketing and production," said the person in charge of the logistics department. In March of this year, the logistics quality inspection party branch also established a "logistics transfer group party member commando", which played an obvious role, especially in urgent, difficult, dangerous, and heavy tasks. One night at the end of June this year, I received a marketing notice and urgently needed DN400 pipes and electrofusion sleeves for repairs. The transfer staff and warehouse keeper quickly returned to work to pick up the goods and deliver them. Finally, the goods were delivered to a broken water pipe in the city in time. On another occasion, due to the customer's request to change the delivery list, the loading and unloading and transshipment personnel removed about 100 DN500 fused sets that had been loaded during the day from the container, replaced the goods, and repacked them for shipment. At present, the Pingkuang Group is carrying out a special management action of “grasping management and promoting improvement”. After the loading and unloading and transshipment team of the logistics department has completed the loading and dispatching work on the same day, it will also make time to seize the progress for the whole warehouse and move the warehouse. As a result, they often procrastinate to get off work.



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