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This repair, played the

"Ding...dang, Ding...dang..." This rhythmic percussion resounded resoundingly in the workshop, like a beautiful "movement", playing the triumphant song of victory at night.

In the 1# workshop of Anyuan Pipeline Company, the steel skeleton 5# production line has been suspended for many days due to the failure of the main bearing of the main rotating system. At 17 o'clock in the afternoon on August 13, the new bearings ordered were delivered, and the production workshop immediately organized a maintenance team to carry out emergency repairs at night. A commando team consisting of 4 party members was immediately established to carry out emergency repairs for bearing installation. Zhong Changhui, the leader of the maintenance team, firstly divided the work of the personnel involved in the emergency repairs and clarified the technical requirements of each job.

At around 18 o'clock in the evening, the rush correction style began. They first checked the assembly dimensions of the bearings to ensure that the assembly holes and shafts met the tolerance requirements. Immediately afterwards, 4 members worked in pairs, one group cleaned the shaft assembly surface with fine sandpaper, and the other group greased the bearings. "Bearing installation is a meticulous work. Lubricate the bearing, clean the assembly surface, and balance the footage during installation. Each work should not be sloppy, because the installation of the main bearing directly affects the forming stability of the steel frame of the pipe. "Zhong Changhui said. After the preparation work is completed, two people work together to align the bearing mounting hole with the main shaft assembly shaft, and the other two strike the bearing symmetrically, pre-install it on the assembly shaft, and check the alignment of the assembly. After everything is normal, a group of two Symmetrical percussion, "ding...dang, ding...dang,..." Accompanied by the crisp percussive sound, the bearing slowly and steadily enters the mounting position of the assembly shaft, and then the parts are assembled in place one by one. Until 0:00, the emergency repair task was successfully completed, which ensured that the production line started up for production the next day.

Be serious about the subtleties and work hard in every second. This is a true portrayal of the maintenance team in the production workshop of Anyuan Pipeline Company. They are conscientious and conscientious in their ordinary posts, composing the hymn of labor with unrepentant youth and full enthusiasm.



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